Marshallese Educational Initiative, Inc., (MEI) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded to meet the increasing demands of the Marshallese people.  MEI is based in northwest Arkansas, where the largest concentration of Marshallese in the continental United States reside.

Our Mission Statement:  Through educational programming, MEI promotes the cultural, intellectual, and historical awareness of the Marshallese people and facilitates cross-cultural dialogue. 



MEI methods anticipate increased opportunities for Marshallese self-empowerment, including higher educational attainment and workforce preparation, and increased cross-cultural dialogue and awareness of Marshallese history and culture among the general public.

Marshallese culture is unique, and yet their journeys and societal integration are part of larger issues that affect our multicultural society. MEI projects will actively promote the inclusivity and vibrant diversity of northwest Arkansas.