MEI aims to collect, digitally archive, and make accessible through a searchable, interactive, digital humanities database, a record of documents, media, and artifacts that are historically and culturally significant to the Marshallese people.

As an educational initiative that promotes openness and transparency, MEI supports the declassification of documents relating to US-RMI relations, particularly during the US nuclear testing period, 1946-1958.

During the Clinton Administration and during the tenure of Sec. Hazel O’Leary, the Department of Energy (previously Atomic Energy Commission) began declassifying documents related to US nuclear testing, many of which dealt with testing in the Marshall Islands. The Dept of Defense almost immediately began reclassifying those documents.

As part of the Records and Declassification Project, MEI seeks to collect and digitize documents that pertain to US nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands, as well as documents that detail Project 4.1.

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Document 1

Document image

DOD, AEC, RG 374, Memo, Return of the Inhabitants of Utrik and Rongelap to their Atolls, April 6, 1954 (RMI Embassy Collection)











Document 2

Fallout Findings

Atolls upon which Significant Fallout Could Have Occurred (RMI Embassy Collection)