Gerrard’s Runit Dome Op-Ed published in the Times

Today the NY Times published an Op Ed piece on Runit Dome, the nuclear waste dump site located on Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Professor Michael Gerrard of Columbia University wrote the piece as a follow-up to the talk he gave earlier this year at the Nuclear Remembrance Day 2014 event in Little Rock, Arkansas.

We at MEI would like to thank Professor Gerrard for continuing to shine a light on not only the terrible consequences of nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands, but also the stark realities posed by climate change today.

Here is the link to the NY Times piece:

If you would like to view Professor Gerrard’s original talk at the Nuclear Remembrance Day 2014 event, click on this link:

Kommol and thank you for supporting our islands and our community.

Tina Stege and the MEI Team