Marshallese Oral History Project

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The Marshallese Oral History Project (MOHP) records Marshallese oral histories to share Marshallese culture and traditions (manit).  MOHP is also collecting photographs, documents, songs, and handicrafts.



Click above to listen to a male soloist with the Delap Group recorded in Majuro in January, 1965. (Daughtry Collection, MEI)

From personal memories, we create a “living archive”—a collection of audio and visual interviews and complementary documentation—which connect an individual’s stories to global events and issues. Some topics recorded to date include: traditional canoe-building, the role of women in Marshallese society, traditional massage, nuclear testing and its impact, the creation of the Constitution of the RMI, clans, and life both in the Islands and in Arkansas from the Marshallese perspective.

Interviews are conducted in either Marshallese or English (dependent upon the preference of the narrator).  Audio is painstakingly transcribed and translated.  Through innovative web-based dissemination, a searchable database, and transcriptions in Marshallese and English, the collection will make these important stories available to the public.

Please return to this page for MOHP updates, or visit our Facebook page for behind the scenes photos.    

If you would like to donate traditional handicrafts, clothing, photos (original or copies), documents, etc., to the MOHP to be added to the collection, or would like to share your story, please contact us.


The MOHP is conducted in accordance with the principles and guidelines established by the Oral History Association. This project is supported in part by a grant from the Arkansas Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The MOHP is an ambitious, multi-year project. To help defray costs and ensure the success of the project, please go to our Invest in MEI page found under the About MEI tab.