Nuclear Remembrance Day 2014: Reflect. Honor. Educate.

Held on Feb. 28th, 2014, the 60th anniversary of the Castle Bravo nuclear detonation in the Marshall Islands, Nuclear Remembrance Day 2014: Reflect. Honor. Educate. recognized the global challenges of nuclear testing and commitments to peace and sustainability.

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Nuclear Remembrance Day 2014: Reflect. Honor. Educate. at the Clinton Library on Feb. 28, 2014. (MEI Photo)

This international event created the space to reflect on our shared nuclear legacy, honor survivors and victims, and educate the public about the global consequences of the use of nuclear weaponry.

The program incorporated speeches, multimedia and artistic performances, and oral histories by survivors, scholars, cultural leaders, and government representatives.


Dr. Jessica A. Schwartz, MEI Cultural Programs Director & Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Music, Columbia University

Consul-General, Carmen Chong Gum, R.M.I. Consulate, Springdale, Arkansas

Ms. Neisen Laukon, Rongelap Atoll

His Excellency Charles Paul, R.M.I. Ambassador to the United States;

His Excellency Kenneth Kedi, Senator, Rongelap Atoll, R.M.I.

Mr. Benetick Kabua Maddison, Majuro Club Officer & Springdale High School Senior

Professor Michael Gerrard, Director of the Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia University

Members of the Marshallese community residing in Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri participated in cultural performances and MEI International Liaison, Ms. Tina Stege of New York, served as the event hostess.


Click below to play the Bikinian Anthem sung by members of the Bikinian community on Ejit Island in 2009, recorded by Dr. Jessica A. Schwartz.


Event details:

Where:  Little Rock, Arkansas, Clinton Presidential Library, The Great Hall

When:  February 28, 2014, 6:30 PM (Reception at 6:00 PM)

Click here to watch a fundraising video about the event on YouTube