Wide shotThe Marshallese Educational Initiative (MEI) extends its heartfelt appreciation to the Marshallese community in northwest Arkansas for your participation and attendance at Nuclear Remembrance Day 2014: Reflect. Honor. Educate. in Little Rock, Arkansas on Feb. 28, 2014.

We send a special thank you to all of our guests who traveled from other states, including Washington, Arizona, and New York, and from the Marshall Islands. We recognize special guests: H.E. Kenneth Kedi, Senator from Rongelap, H.E. Charles Paul, Ambassador to the United States, H.E. Amatlain Kabua, Ambassador to the United Nations, Bikini Councilman & Acting Mayor Wilson Note, Bikini Councilman Urantha Jibas, Alap Elio Boaz of Rongelap, Meikko and Hon. Carmen S. Chong Gum from the Office of the Consulate General for attending and participating in the event. We are also pleased that so many Marshallese high school students, along with some of their principals and teachers, attended the event.

Note Boaz KabuaMEI recognizes all our outstanding participants:  Ms. Tina Stege, emcee, singers Maria Jibas and Emlin Attari, speakers Jessica A. Schwartz, Neisen Laukon, Hon. Carmen Chong Gum, H.E. Charles Paul, Hon. Kenneth Kedi, Michael Gerrard, Benetick Kabua, and pastors Waston Attari and Jetton Lomwe. We also are grateful to the Bikinian community for sharing their anthem and the women of Rongelap who shared the 177 song and the Beautiful Ladies dance.

MEI also recognizes our major donors whose assistance made NRD possible:  the local governments of the 4 Atolls–Bikini, Rongelap, Enewetak, and Utrōk–that each donated $500 to sponsor the event. We also thank the Majuro Club, Automatic Auto Finance, Ms. Schaun Brown, Mr. J. David Schwartz, Chris Huggard, Claudia and Ted Kaercher, and the Nuclear Peace Foundation for their support. A full list of all our donors may be found on the MEI website at http://www.meius.org and we appreciate everyone of you.

Finally, MEI thanks the 4 Atolls communities and all the Marshallese people, here and in the RMI, for allowing us to share your stories at the Clinton Center so that an international audience could reflect on our shared nuclear legacy, honor survivors and victims, and become more educated about the US testing in the Marshalls as well as the global consequences of the use of nuclear weaponry.

Kommool tata.

MEIBikinians 2

Rongelapese women