2016 RMI-US Nuclear Legacy Summit

In May 2016, MEI joined with the Marshallese Community in Oregon and the Radiation Exposure Awareness Crusaders for Humanity – Marshall Islands (REACH-MI) to organize a R.M.I.-U.S. Nuclear Legacy Summit to address the shared legacy of U.S. nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands (1946-1958).

As we near the 70th anniversary of the first atomic tests on Bikini Atoll and the removal of the Bikinian people, the U.S. nuclear testing program in the Marshall Islands continues to have a profound impact in the islands and beyond. The 67 tests detonated in the islands caused lasting cultural, biological and environmental damages that Marshallese still struggle to address. Forced resettlement, uninhabitable lands, and radiogenic illnesses are just a few of the consequences of the testing program.

The Summit, which took place as part of the R.M.I. Constitution Day activities in Salem, May 27-28, promoted dialogue and understanding of the unique history that binds Marshallese and American communities together, and encouraged participants to work toward solutions to raise greater awareness.

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Dr. Holly Barker of the University of Washington speaks about the impact of US nuclear testing. Because so little information is known about the testing and its impact on the Marshallese people, bits of history are often trivialized and the public unknowingly becomes desensitized. Barker gives a poignant example in the cartoon Sponge Bob who lives with other mutants at Bikini bottoms. Radiation exposure caused genetic mutations among many exposed Marshallese that resulted in birth defects, abnormalities and deaths. (Photo courtesy of Val Ysawa/REACH-MI)

Bikinians prepare to relocate from their atoll in 1946.

Bikinians prepare to relocate from their atoll in 1946.

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