Language Classes

MEI offers a Marshallese Language and Culture Short Courses for non-Marshallese language speakers. Classes are intended to offset the problems associated with the language barrier at the community level of interaction, such as in healthcare, local government, education, and business. These classes are no substitute for having a Marshallese translator on staff at your business or organization, but it will provide information about Marshallese cultural practices and assist the non-Marshallese speaker in basic communication skills.

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MEI offers English to Marshallese and Marshallese to English translation services on a fee basis. Our translators utilize the Marshallese dictionary, the government endorsed and standardized language of the RMI.

Marshallese Culture and History Presentations

MEI team members present information about Marshallese culture and history to increase awareness and promote intercultural dialogue. Our team has spoken to businesses, government and community organizations, and K-12 and college students. Call for more information or to request a presentation.  ph. 479-306-8171



Dr. Jessica A. Schwartz speaks during Nuclear Remembrance Day at the Clinton Presidential Center on Feb. 28, 2014. (MEI Photo)

For a more in-depth understanding of Marshallese culture and issues that impact the community, MEI partners with academic specialists and professional speakers who present on subjects ranging from Marshallese music, climate change, and the Compact of Free Association. Academic fields and topics include: music, American & Pacific Islander Studies, anthropology, history, geography, and environmental studies, and climate change and nuclear issues. Presentations will be tailored to suit your business or organization’s needs.

List of Speakers


Dr. Jessica A. Schwartz, Assistant Professor of Musicology, UCLA

Culture & history, music, nuclear testing, climate change, Marshallese in Arkansas

Dr. Peter Rudiak-Gould, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto

Climate Change, Culture

Dr. Donna Davis, The Cisneros Center & University of Arkansas

Diversity, Sustainable Development

Dr. Mick Broderick, Associate Dean of Research for the School of Arts & Associate Professor of Media Analysis, Murdoch University

Global Nuclear Issues

Emily Mitchell-Eaton, Doctoral Candidate, University of Syracuse

Compact of Free Association, Human Geography

Mark Stege, MA, Columbia University

Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, Sustainability


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