Understanding Marshallian Culture Through Language

The Marshallese Educational Initiative hopes to promote the intellectual, cultural and historical awareness of the Marshallese people by teaching more and more people the native language of the islands. We offer an intensive language class in Marshallese that can help anyone overcome communication barriers. By learning the dialect, we aim to facilitate cross-cultural dialogue. Furthermore, a basic grasp of the native lingo can help government officials, educators and health care provides to interact at a local level.

The classes are one and a half hour long and take place once a week for a month. They are not to be considered as a substitute of a Marshallese translator. The course is to give you the right tools to gain the basic communication skills needed to navigate the atolls that comprise the Marshall Islands. Beside a fundamental study of the language we even talk about the cultural practices of the country to help businesses and organisations run more efficiently.

Anyone searching for a more indepth understanding of the islands can get in touch with our partnered academic specialists and professional speakers. They are well versed in subjects ranging from Marshallese music to climate change and will be able to better serve you.