About Us

Richard Lynch
Over the years I, Hilda Loeak, have spent in the various atolls of the Marshall Islands I learned that the culture of the place is unique. For centuries, the islands remained isolated that gave rise to expert navigators who used the natural currents to reach other atolls. Friendly and peaceful, the Marshallese culture is something the rest of the world should be acquainted with. To this end, I created this platform. A someone who inherently knows the inside and out of the Marshallese people, their language, their practices and beliefs, I have the right tools to educate others.
Through the site, I hope to accomplish my vision of teaching new people the native vernacular of the island. I also aim to help develop the current generation of the islands, so that they can progress anywhere in the world while still being in touch with their routes. Using the website, I share information about activities, schools and other events that educate people.
Just like the Marshallese people, who are ever considerate of strangers, the website is meant to welcome everyone to the world of the Marshall Islands. The site emulates the basic principle of Marshallese culture that keeps family and community as a priority. MEUIS also envisions to create a similar warm community